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Ok, I got it
UPDATES   February 2012

I'm back, the site has been abandoned for a while so I will endeavour to keep up
with the updates.

Loads more pics added
Hi, and welcome to my piczo site. This site is for all sindy lovers, and especially dedicated to Hasbro Sindy.  

You'll also find Pedigree Sindy & other Sindy era's, fashions, furniture, fun   &   graphixs.

The pictures on this site may differ in that most have been made using collage/montage techniques. All graphixs made by me.

The site is a continuous project & will be regularly updated.


*If there are pics/graphixs that take your fancy, or you would like a group of pics made into a collage please feel free to contact me, and I will endeavour to help.
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Meter Started: Jul 28, 2008
I am a fan of the sindy doll not an expert. Therefore if any information is incorrect please feel free to contact me. The pictures used on this sight have been gathered from various sources including the internet & ebay, cd-roms, books, leaflets and magazines. If you feel a picture is inappropraite or was taken by yourself, I will remove it.

The graphiczs are made by myself.